Cline Shale Alliance

About the Cline Shale

Presentations from the July 11, 2014, Cline Shale Alliance quarterly luncheon:

-- Cline Shale Site ( analysis of Permian Basin & Cline Shale region oil exploration activity trends & statistics, please click here.

-- Cape & Sons ( report on their Sweetwater Logistics Center BNSF rail industry park (75 acres, 40,000+ feet of tracks), please click here.

The Cline Shale on the eastern shelf of the Permian Basin in West Texas is an emerging oil shale development region with tremendous projected potential.  The Wall Street  Journal's "Market Watch" in November 2012 estimated that the Cline Shale could become the largest oil play in American history -- much larger than the Bakken in North Dakota, the Eagle Ford in South Texas, etc.  Even being equivalent to those major shale production regions demonstrates that the Cline Shale is a force to be reckoned with, a source of business opportunities, and a region with which to become familiar.  The Cline Shale is in a tight geographic region that is a string traditional source of oil and natural gas exploration and production, the world's most intensive wind energy production region, the center of Texas' $9 Bilion in transmission infrastructure upgrades, home of an extensive rail and highway transportation network, multiple universities, colleges, and technical training expertise, and a favorable climate (in weather and in business opportunities) for your energy investments.



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